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Does Alpha Brain work? Is it a scam, or does it really help you achieve incredible brain performance? The manufacturing company claims that thanks to the perfect blend of natural components, the product will give you a mental boost and improve your cognitive abilities. Alpha Brain reviews seem to point in different directions. Let’s review in-depth such supplement in a complete, up to date review.

What is Alpha Brain?

If you are interested in boosting your mental abilities, enhance your memory and concentration, possibly learn faster and cope with the distresses of the brain, then Alpha could be the perfect help for you. It is a dietary supplement that, in a few years, since its launch in 2011, has conquered the market for the incredible benefits the manufacturing company claims to give.

We will go over a review of all the ingredients in a moment, but we have to mention that one of the reasons Alpha supplements are so popular comes from the total absence of caffeine, gluten, and dairy, as well as being perfect for a Keto diet low on carbs.

Our review underlines that the way the product works is through nootropics. A nootropic is a drug or other substance, either natural or synthetic, which seems to have miraculous effects on the cognitive abilities of the (healthy!) individuals who take it. However, with our review, we want to reassure you: Alpha Brain is BSCG Certified Drug-Free, including WADA Prohibited Substances and prescription, over the counter and illicit drugs not banned in sport.

Alpha Brain

Pros and Cons of Alpha Brain

+ It acts fast. Alpha Brain Memory and focus benefits may be noticed within a very short time span, even 30 minutes after consuming a pill.

+ It contains no stimulants like caffeine, nor gluten, or dairy, and it is able to stimulate your brain simply through neurons.

+ It is made in the USA by a certified supplements manufacturer, Onnit, with a very good reputation worldwide and is 100% natural and free from drugs.

Side effects may include strong heart palpitations, nausea, and feelings of nervousness.

Because of the overproduction of neurotransmitters in your brain, if you have sleeping problems, then these could be worsened by Alpha Brain in case you take a pill too late in the day.

Our review has found that the supplement is not available in big retailers or pharmacies.

You might have difficulties in finding it in countries outside the US or North America in general.

Alpha Brain Ingredients Used

Our Onnit Alpha Brain review covers the product’s composition as well. The formula is a patented blend of natural ingredients. Here you have the complete review of all main ingredients, alongside their characteristics.

  • L-Theanine. Among the most important amino acids in your body, this one is mainly responsible for the production of some essential neurotransmitters in the mind, such as dopamine and serotonin. Alongside potentially faster reaction times and focus, the amino acid also supports relaxation by creating alpha waves.
  • L-Tyrosine. As the L-Theanine, also this amino acid helps with the production of neurotransmitters which may enhance your memory, concentration, and ability to cope with stressful situations. It might increase happiness as well.
  • L-Leucine. It is a fundamental amino acid because it helps produce proteins important for our mind, and it is the only one able to do so. It helps in the normal functioning of brain cells and protects your overall mental health.
  • Phosphatidylserine. Even though it has a difficult name to pronounce, it insulates cell membranes improving the connection among neurons, thus creating faster nerve transmissions.
  • Oat Straw Extract. Oats have been known as food for the cerebrum, and rightfully. Apart from helping your encephalon, oat straw extract helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Alpha GPC. GPC is the molecule which produces acetylcholine. It is a neuromodulator, meaning it increases connectivity between neurons and your muscles, giving you more energy and coordination.
  • Huperzia Serrata. It is a natural herb which has proven to be important in improving cognitive functions even if you are suffering from fog or other mental issues.
  • Bacopa Monnieri. Another herb, it helps with nervous signal reception, promoting the growth of dendrites which transfer information from one cell to the other. If the procedure becomes faster, then your cognitive abilities will show an improvement.
  • Pterostilbene. It is a molecule which derives from resveratrol and which helps with mind integrity by protecting the nerves’ membranes.
  • Uncaria Tomentosa. Also known as Cat’s Claw, its main property is its capacity in preserving memory and mental health. Studies have shown how it is able to remove encephalon plaques and other dangerous deposits that could form in your cerebrum, known for being responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

These are a lot of ingredients, and it could be dangerous to take some of them in high dosis. But worry not, as Alpha Brain provides you with the right mix of these elements in the recommended quantities. This will ensure you get the main benefits of these ingredients without suffering serious side effects. Also, the product contains 100% components in their pure form; therefore, they have max bioavailability.

Alpha Brain Results

Alpha Brain is a supplement which claims to have several benefits on your health in general and on your mind in particular. Here, in our Alpha Brain supplement review, we list the main ones.

  • It supports memory. All the ingredients listed above provide help to your neurons, enabling them to connect better and faster and overall function at the best of their capabilities. The way neurotransmitters behave will closely influence your memory, so Alpha Brain may help you in improving that.
  • Helps with concentration. Our review has found that thanks in particular to the amino acids contained in the Alpha Brain blend, you will find yourself way more focused, even little after taking the pills.
  • Reduces mental problems. If you are experiencing uncomfortable issues related to your mind, such as fog, then Alpha Brain could be the helping hand you need. In particular, according to our review, the oat extract is important in giving the fuel your neurons need to perform good and boost your mental capacities.
  • Enables you to reach the “flow state”. Have you ever heard of it? The flow state is a state of the mind during which you feel like “in the zone”, at your optimal capacity, mentally and physically healthy. All the amino acids contained in the product will help you reach such a state faster and maintain it longer.
  • Aids you in stressful situations. The way you deal with stress is fundamental when it comes to mental health. Alpha Brain increases the production of acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter, which makes it harder for stress hormones to interact with your encephalon.

Apart from all these benefits, we should also mention in our Alpha Brain Onnit review how the product also enhances your reactions and your ability to react to dangerous stimulations coming from the outside. Again, acetylcholine is very important because it sends signals to your muscles more frequently.

Potential Alpha Brain Side Effects and Safety

When there are benefits, sometimes there are also side effects. Alpha Brain is not free from them. Let’s review what are the main ones.

  • Gastrointestinal issues. When taking these supplements, you could experience some problems such as diarrhea or gut distress. Usually, these problems are solved by regulating your doses better.
  • Nervousness. Ironically, Alpha Brain could cause you to become more nervous, or even get headaches and suffer from fatigue. These are all side effects that normally present themselves in the early stages of your supplementation and will vanish as your body becomes more used to the product.
  • Anxiety. Alpha Brain could stimulate too much adrenaline production, which in turn could cause sweating and anxiety. It is not very common, but it could happen to some individuals.

Alpha Brain ingredients

Alpha Brain Price

Ours is an Alpha Brain Instant review. Instant is the most sold Onnit product of the Alpha Brain line, so prices will be referring to that. However, bear in mind the company also produces some other supplements. We cannot review them all, so you will find them on their official website. Remember that prices are only an indication, and they could change depending on when and where (country, store) you buy them from.

At the time our review is being written, Alpha Brain Instant is selling at $59.95. There is also a special offer: if you subscribe, you get a 15% discount and pay $50.96. Subscriptions give you some cool benefits, so check that option out and review its conditions to save some money in the following purchases as well if you are interested in them.


Is Alpha Brain worth it? Concluding our review, we answer positively. The components are safe and actually provide benefits to your body, providing you more focus, better memory, faster reactions, and more. Yes, of course, there are unwanted effects, and we listed some of them in our review, but the key is always testing little dosis and listening to your body. Carefully pay attention to its reactions, and if you notice no potential side effect, then you can continue enjoying the many benefits which we have in part covered in our review.

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