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There is a company receiving considerable interest and review from keto enthusiasts. Perfect Keto base reviews have been considerably positive in the last time. The company sells a wide variety of products and essentials to get started on the ketogenic diet, such as the Perfect Keto Base of Exogenous Ketones, collagen, electrolytes, and keto bars to give you the necessary boost free from excessive carbohydrates. We review it all in our complete guide.

What Is Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of supplements especially designed for those following a ketogenic diet, low carb, and high protein diet. As our review will show, Perfect Keto products are all made without added sugars, with natural ingredients and nothing artificial added, no fillers or chemicals are put into them, and they are all free from gluten, grains, soy, or corn. The CEO and founder of the company is doctor Anthony Gustin, an expert in the keto diet and fervent proponent of the benefits of ketosis as a way to keep our organism healthy and our body in good shape.

The ketogenic diet, the doctor reviews, proves to be extremely useful in losing weight, improving overall wellness, and preventing numerous diseases. However, oftentimes, the ingredients used by some companies and the way some keto supplements are made actually end up compromising your health instead of helping your body. This is why Perfect Keto reviews their products thoroughly, making sure they are free of harmful substances and of the highest quality possible. Such strong dedication is one of the reasons the company is so popular and their keto supplements so loved by consumers all around the world, as proven by thousands of positive reviews.

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Pros and Cons of Perfect Keto

+ A lot of products are made with quality ingredients and formulated to give you an energy boost and support fueled by fats and not carbs.

+ All supplements are with no junk added, of delicious flavors, so you don’t miss sugary snacks and specifically designed for a keto diet.

+ Help and support for you to get started on a keto diet, with Learn and Support sections on the official website to get all the info you need.

+ Perfect Keto is a company whose results are backed by science, review tests, a never-ending passion for improvement, and a professional team of experts in the ketogenic diet.

Not vegan and thus not apt for a vegetarian diet.

If you are interested in knowing where to buy Perfect Keto in stores, unfortunately, it is difficult to provide an answer since they mostly sell online.

Ingredients Used in Perfect Keto

The ingredients vary depending on the product we are taking into consideration. Before analyzing some of the most popular ones in our review, we want to remind you once again they are all made with no sugar, fillers, or junk substances added, as well as free from gluten, soy, and artificial chemicals.

For example, our review has found that Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones products are made with beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHBs), which are molecules (the so called ketone bodies). They are essential in a ketogenic diet because they are the ones responsible to start the burn of fats to give energy to your body in the absence of glucose. Taking a BHB supplement will increase the level of these molecules in your organism, and thus you will be able to enter into the ketosis state faster and for a prolonged period of time. This product also contains natural flavors such as oils and extracts, all coming from natural sources such as herbs, vegetables, and the like. We also review that, as a sweetener, there is the Monk fruit extract, low in calories and with antioxidant properties, and Stevia.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder contains, as you can imagine, MCTs, which are a type of fatty acid that are metabolized by our bodies quicker compared to other more typical fats. MCT is important because it boosts the level of ketones in your blood and because it is also a way to obtain better mental focus. Apart from MCT, this Perfect Keto powder also contains Acacia Fiber, considered by experts the cleanest fiber available for us to use, and Stevia, which is a sugar substitute to keep your supplement tasty without adding sugars high in calories.

We should also mention in our review that MCT is also an ingredient present in the Collagen sold by the company, which is made of grass-fed bovine collagen, and also in Perfect Keto protein bars, perfect snacks for an on-the-go break low on carbs made of 12 different flavors.

Finally, to end our ingredients review, Perfect Keto also sells Electrolytes supplements, essential for hydrating your body on ketosis. In fact, especially at the beginning, as your body adapts to the ketosis process, you will be losing quite a lot of liquids. Electrolytes will help you recover these losses and revert the effects of the so called ketogenic flu, such as fatigue, altered mood, cramps, and headaches.

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Perfect Keto Results

Results reviews will be different depending on the specific aim of the product you buy. All of them are designed to help you in your ketosis journey so that you are not affected by the symptoms of the ketogenic flu too much, are able to keep your energy levels high, and start building some muscle mass as well as lose unwanted weight. But there are some more specific results you should expect.

For example, according to our review, Perfect Keto base exogenous ketone supplement will help you maintain focus during your physical activities and exercise so that you can keep going without feeling excessive tiredness. Electrolytes are important in keeping you hydrated, in particular when you are just starting on ketosis. Collagen is essential in helping your skin, hair, and nails grow strong and fast, especially if you are experiencing fragility and weakness, while all Perfect Keto MCT oil powder reviews confirm MCT is a powerful ally in keeping you focused and maintaining mental sharpness.

How to Take Perfect Keto?

Now it is time for us in our review to explain how to use Perfect Keto supplements. In fact, the company itself does a fabulous job in doing it itself. On their official website, you will find a detailed review of information on when and how to use each of the products they manufacture. That’s because every supplement needs to be considered differently: they all have different ingredients, properties, and effects, therefore they have different recommended usages.

As a general rule, there is never a bad time to take these supplements. They are perfect in the morning to curb your appetite during intermittent fasting, if you do it or to add some fuel to your typical breakfast, you can take them during the afternoon to fight against the classic clump. They are also perfect pre-workout to get some much-needed ketones in order to exercise better.

Perfect Keto Safety and Potential Side Effects

As our review has proven, Perfect Keto is a company which places great importance on the quality of its products and ingredients. The harsh tests and reviews they go through, backed by scientific innovative manufacturing, ensure their safety and adaptability to consumption by essentially everyone interested in their benefits. Nonetheless, you have to be careful. It is advisable to contact your physician or a medical expert in dietary supplements, so you know what and how to take without suffering dangerous consequences. If you follow indications and are careful about your body’s reaction, however, you should have no issues with Perfect Keto supplements. At the beginning, you could anyway experience some minor inconveniences such as headaches, stomach pain, and the like as your organism is adapting to the change.

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Perfect Keto Price

Prices vary greatly on the supplement you buy. On the Perfect Keto official website, we review that they range from $8.99 for the Ketone Testing Strips to $46.99 for the Keto Greens Powder with MCTs. There are a lot of options for purchases: you can buy single packages or stacks of 3 or more boxes, an option which allows you to save considerable money. In fact, there are a lot of bundles, such as the Perfect Keto Starter Bundle, which sells at $140 and features all the main essentials for your ketogenic journey.

There is also a subscription option for some of the products sold by the company. How does it work? You are basically “subscribing” to the product, so you have regular refills and don’t have to purchase it every time you finish it. You decide your schedule, and if you decide you don’t want that product anymore, then you can modify or cancel the subscription anytime. It enables you to save time and also money because it applies a 15% money discount.


To conclude our review, Perfect Keto is a very valuable option if you want to start, or continue, your keto journey. At very competitive prices, it offers the best supplements to aid you in the maintenance of energy levels and mental clarity while you work on losing weight and building muscles. Only high-quality ingredients are used, and they will meet your need for protein and low levels of glucose. Perfect Keto – where to buy? On the official website, of course, which also contains a lot of useful information on the ketogenic diet and recipe. Make sure to check it out.

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